About Us

To resume a relationship that has been paused (for whatever reason), it is always convenient to forget what it already was. The past, stepped on. Therefore, to start this second chapter of zero, you have to get rid of any idea and / or experience that has been had regarding the Theatrum. Because the Theatrum has changed, and, in principle, for good.

The recently opened menu of this restaurant that has been on the local culinary scene for eleven years, dominating from the second floor the Theater Square in the Historical Center suffered what reality shows call an extreme make over. The purpose? This is more an intuition than a certainty: continue to attract tourists, who is their captive audience; But with the new look, it might well make a foray between the demanding local ‘foodies’, who know very well what a locro de papas or a snack is.

The case is that from now on, the Theatrum offers exclusively Ecuadorian regional food, Coast, Sierra and Amazon. In other words, forget about dishes without restaurant personality for tourists.

To take into account

What and Who

There is a new letter with regional Ecuadorian food.


To have lunch, from Monday to Friday, from 120o0 to 15:00; And for dinner, from Monday to Sunday, from 18:00; The kitchen opens until 22:00.


For the possibility of eating potajes of the Ecuadorian cookbook, in its genuine versions. To take a walk around the Historic Center

We are waiting for you!